Meaning of silent disco in English:

silent disco


informal mainly British
  • An event at which people dance to music that is transmitted through wireless headphones rather than played over a speaker system.

    • ‘the organizers chose to have a silent disco because it eliminates noise complaints’
    • ‘Silent discos have featured at the Glastonbury festival.’
    • ‘A silent disco will be held at the Royal Courts of Justice in central London on September 10, hosted by Fun Lovin' Criminals.’
    • ‘The novelty of the silent disco elicits much laugher.’
    • ‘The heaven housemates also enjoyed a silent disco, and listened to music through headphones provided by Big Brother.’
    • ‘By several accounts, the organizers at Glastonbury chose to have a silent disco because it eliminates noise complaints.’
    • ‘Despite the best efforts of the silent disco, the party was back in the carpark after, and it didn't stop all night.’
    • ‘However, police were forced to close the station due to safety concerns when it was swamped by around 12,000 people who turned up to dance in the "silent disco", listening to music through headphones.’
    • ‘As a result of their continual battle with noise pollution laws, this year's edition of the Glastonbury Festival (June 24-26) will be trying something new: the "silent disco."’
    • ‘I hadn't been to the silent disco yet and they were planning to go early as it closed down for the weekend at 7 pm.’
    • ‘In desperation, the designer borrowed an idea from silent discos, in which clubbers sway to their own iPods.’