Meaning of silent majority in English:

silent majority


  • 1Those members of a legislative or deliberative assembly who vote on a motion, bill, etc., but do not speak during the debate.

    In earliest use referring to a group that wins a majority in a vote without speaking in the related debate; in later use usually referring to the fact that assembly members who do not speak in a debate outnumber those who do.

  • 2The mass of people whose views remain unexpressed, especially in political contexts; those who are usually overlooked because of their moderation. Opposed to vocal minority.

    Now the usual sense.

  • 3The dead.


silent majority

/ˌsʌɪlənt məˈdʒɒrɪti/ /ˌsʌɪl(ə)nt məˈdʒɒrɪti/


Late 18th century. From silent + majority.