Meaning of silicic acid in English:

silicic acid


mass nounChemistry
  • A weakly acidic colloidal hydrated form of silica made by acidifying solutions of alkali metal silicates.

    ‘The supply of iron, relative to that of the macronutrients nitrate, phosphate, and silicic acid, plays a critical role in allowing extensive diatom blooms to develop in coastal upwelling regimes.’
    • ‘Grasses readily absorb silica in the form of silicic acid from the soil, and most silica is accumulated in the aerial parts as amorphous hydrated silica.’
    • ‘The mineral waters vary considerably in temperature, mineralisation, radon, silicic acid and fluorine content, and are suitable for treatment of a wide range of diseases.’
    • ‘‘Silicon, when reduced to the nanoscale (less than one thousand millionth of a metre) becomes biodegradable and dissolves into the body as silicic acid,’ he explained.’
    • ‘If dandruff is a concern, look for ingredients such as silicic acid (raw aspirin) or willow bark extract and selenium, which help control itching and flaking.’