Meaning of silicify in English:


Pronunciation /sɪˈlɪsɪfʌɪ/

verbverb silicifies, verb silicifying, verb silicified

[with object]
  • Convert into or impregnate with silica.

    ‘the calcareous skeleton has been silicified’
    • ‘Later, authigenic quartz was precipitated and carbonate phases were partly silicified.’
    • ‘Silica cells were silicified in the first year, and the frequency was not significantly different among the three leaf ages.’
    • ‘For most large deposits of agate or silicified wood, silica was derived from the decomposition of volcanic rocks.’
    • ‘Where the Zeederbergs-Cheshire contact lacks ironstone horizons, the contact is variably sheared, and adjacent rocks are silicified and characterized by mostly oxidized sulphide impregnation.’
    • ‘Morphologically, it is difficult to relate the silicified microbes to the unsilicified or partly silicified microbes.’
    • ‘The discovery that silicified trilobites could be dissolved out of limestone in dilute acid added more knowledge more quickly than years of patient preparation from crack-out specimens.’
    • ‘They are largely silicified replacements of the once opaline skeletons, but details of their spicular and skeletal relationships are moderately well preserved.’
    • ‘This highly silicified cycad contained bright red-orange to black, diamond-shaped leaf bases of chalcedony up to several centimeters across separated by zones of greenish-yellow chalcedony.’
    • ‘Highly silicified stalks to 10 cm in diameter have been found at this locality.’
    • ‘However, it has been pointed out that the presence of the articulamentum layer is often difficult to detect in the early fossils, since many Paleozoic polyplacophorans are silicified and incompletely preserved.’
    • ‘Cooccurring macrofossils include 18 species of agnostoid and polymeroid trilobites, some of which are partly silicified.’
    • ‘The limestones, which have been silicified near the granodiorite contact, have in places been intensely metamorphosed into a typical contact-metasomatic assemblage.’
    • ‘In the high - porosity laminae, individual silicified microbes remain clearly visible and their general morphology and size readily apparent.’
    • ‘Trace amounts of iron oxide impart vibrant red, red-orange, orange, and yellow colors that sometimes contrast markedly with browns and blacks in these silicified trunks.’
    • ‘In many places, the top of the ‘lower Gasconade’ is marked by a heavy chert zone comprising silicified algae and/or stromatolites.’
    • ‘Bedding planes in the enclosing limestones do not bend around the nodules, and any brachiopods, corals, or other fossils that are in them have been silicified.’
    • ‘Mite wood borings in the Paleozoic are primarily known from coal ball permineralizations and silicified peat which was deposited in swampy environments.’
    • ‘Bryozoan and trilobite fragments, brachiopod spines, turrilepadid plates, and multiplacophoran spines are silicified.’
    • ‘The nodules are approximately spherical in shape and have an exterior shell of rhyolite that is more silicified than the host rock.’
    • ‘The entire fragment is silicified and details of its skeletal structure have been destroyed.’