Meaning of silk screen in English:

silk screen



  • 1A screen of fine mesh used in screen-printing.

    ‘is a technique whereby a cut stencil is attached to a silk screen of very fine mesh stretched on a wooden frame.’
    • ‘It is a serigraph created by using more than 60 silk screens to give it an exquisite finish typical of a fine art image.’
    • ‘An original print is a work of art which an artist creates by processing a woodblock, or a lithographic stone or plate, or a silk screen so that more than one identical image can be printed from it..’
    • ‘Evocative images of these three women have been printed onto translucent silk screens, which sway from the outside breeze.’
    1. 1.1A print made by screen-printing.
      ‘these small silk screens sing with colour’
      • ‘The children also took part in dance and drama activities, made dream catchers and created a silk screen about Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.’
      • ‘Apart from anything else, his avuncular visage is no good at all for t-shirts and Warholian silk screens.’
      • ‘This exhibit consists of pen and ink drawings, silk screens and just a few posters from the past.’
      • ‘Of contemporary artists, Lucien Freud is a wonderful printmaker, while Damien Hirst has produced large albums of silk screens.’
      • ‘In Common Struggle, a series of silk screens on wood, two people fight with fists, chains, and cinderblocks.’
      picture, design, engraving, etching, lithograph, silk screen, linocut, monoprint, plate, cut, woodcut, vignette


(also silk-screen)
  • with object Print, decorate, or reproduce using a silk screen.

    ‘a shirt with a tiger silk-screened on it’
    • ‘a brown and black silk-screened logo’
    • ‘The recreated brush strokes are silk-screened one color at a time until the graphic reflects the painting to the artist's satisfaction.’
    • ‘Paul Gauguin's Two Tahitian Women is silk-screened at each corner of the painting.’
    • ‘Sometimes when a student silk-screened his or her portrait, the color was just wrong.’
    • ‘They will silk-screen it onto their high-quality 100-percent-cotton tees and put it up on their site for purchase by friends, family, and the public at large.’
    • ‘A conversion coating is applied and external parts are powder coated in one or two colors, silk-screened, and pad printed.’