Meaning of silly billy in English:

silly billy



informal mainly British
  • A silly or foolish person.

    • ‘don't be a silly billy’
    • ‘This is a very good alternative crop for farmers and I do not want it to be jeopardised by some silly billies in society.’
    • ‘The dressing stations will be busy enough without having to patch up silly billies who didn't wear sensible shoes.’
    • ‘The ‘silly billy’ was rewarded with the Bunker Banana Booby for this slip.’
    • ‘On it was a picture of a rabbit with extremely large teeth saying, ‘Don't be a silly billy and floss your teeth’.’
    • ‘There's plenty more punning jokes like that, spouting from the crooked mouth of Harrogate Theatre's dimple-cheeky silly billy.’
    nincompoop, dunce, simpleton