Meaning of silly money in English:

silly money


mass noun informal British
  • A ridiculously large amount of money.

    • ‘I do wish people would spend time planning their marriage rather than spending silly money on their wedding day’
    • ‘We've all heard about cases of silly money being asked for rights to certain films.’
    • ‘Some companies were prepared to pay silly money just to tie up business with the big networks.’
    • ‘But nobody is forcing club chairmen to pay silly money for mediocre players.’
    • ‘We got the deal up to a sensible level, but it was never silly money.’
    • ‘People offered me silly money but the contracts never came.’
    • ‘They spend silly money on kids' clothes and birthday parties.’
    • ‘I really don't know how much it is worth, but they are talking about silly money.’
    • ‘Tickets for that gig were changing hands for silly money, if I remember rightly.’
    • ‘We may have been paid very silly money, but we earned it.’
    • ‘Why return to a job that has little to offer by way of progression and that has managers who get paid silly money to do nothing?’
    • ‘They were offering him silly money and he could not really refuse it.’
    a huge amount, a small fortune, a king's ransom, a vast sum, a large sum of money, a lot, millions, billions