Meaning of silty in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɪlti/

adjectiveadjective siltier, adjective siltiest

See silt

‘Near the top of the succession blue-grey silty calcareous mudstones are interbedded with subordinate graded sandstones.’
  • ‘These soils consist of moderately deep to deep, moderately well - to well-drained silt loam surface soils and loam, silty clay loam, or silty clay subsoils.’
  • ‘The Eocene London Clay is a succession of marine silty clays, clayey and sandy silts, and subordinate sands reaching a thickness of over 165 m on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent, UK.’
  • ‘Soils are composed of Gilpin silt loam, a moderately deep, well drained soil with a lower subsoil of silty clay loam of the subgroup Typic Hapludult.’
  • ‘The sediments comprise silts, sand, gravel and, often lenticular, silty clay, comparable with similar sediments in the Petrockstowc basin, where the bulk of the deposits are Eocene.’