Meaning of silver age in English:

silver age


  • A period regarded as notable but inferior to a golden age, such as that of so-called silver Latin literature.

    ‘the age may in hindsight be seen as not entirely contemptible, perhaps even as a silver age’
    • ‘When Saturn was overthrown by his son, Jupiter, the silver age began.’
    • ‘Weimar had its Golden classical age (Goethe, Schiller and Herder) and a silver age (Liszt); there was a string of Grand Dukes, Nietzsche, early Bauhaus and of course the proclamation of the Weimar Republic.’
    • ‘It's like the silver age of DC comics, but on screen.’
    • ‘If this book has a hero, writes Alan Watkins, it is Fleet Street in its silver age, from about 1955 to about 1985.’
    • ‘I think that we are in, if not a golden age, then, at least, a very bright silver age.’