Meaning of silver city in English:

silver city


  • 1Australian informal A mining town.

    • ‘Japan floated a proposal to establish silver city communities overseas’
    • ‘The memories of those who passed through the silver cities are only now being collated.’
    • ‘We are the children of the Silver Cities.’
    • ‘The place could not be more different from the old silver cities of tin Nissen huts.’
    1. 1.1the Silver CityA name for Broken Hill in New South Wales.
      ‘while in the Silver City they met local high school students and poets’
      • ‘He's been a doctor in the silver city for 13 years.’
      • ‘The difficulties in getting people to the Silver City has dropped the expected attendance from 600 to 250.’
      • ‘It took more than eight hours to travel to the racetrack in the Silver City.’
      • ‘He was announced as the Silver City's Sport Star of the Year.’
      • ‘While in the Silver City, he called into the ABC studios for a chat about his life.’
      • ‘But how will the Silver City's most famous recluse feel about all the attention?’
      • ‘The Silver City has hosted a number of his plays.’
      • ‘Several other athletes from the Silver City will compete in various stages.’
      • ‘Over 12,000 people flocked to the Silver City's show ground.’
      • ‘The Silver City looks as though there's a while to go before she's ready to hang up the miner's hat.’