Meaning of silver leaf in English:

silver leaf


mass noun
  • 1A fungal disease of ornamental and fruit trees, especially plum trees, resulting in silvery discoloration of the leaves.

    The fungus is Chondrostereum purpureum, family Stereaceae, class Hymenomycetes

    ‘If plum trees are pruned at the wrong time of year, they are often attacked by silver leaf, a serious fungal disease.’
    • ‘We think your flowering cherry trees may have silver leaf fungus disease.’
  • 2Silver that has been beaten into a very thin sheet, suitable for applying to surfaces as a decoration.

    ‘a layer of silver leaf gives it a metallic sheen’
    • ‘A chart was done of how the sky would look at the dawn of the millennium, and I had to recreate the scene in gold and silver leaf.’
    • ‘Some graphics become unique multi-media works with the addition of collage elements - paper or items glued onto the face of the print - or the addition of gold or silver leaf.’
    • ‘Many of his current paintings feature hand-worked gold and silver leaf, gold porcelain or appliqué from other media such as sheet music and fabric.’
    • ‘At about the same time plaster casts were made of known carvings on Stones 3, 4, and 53, enhanced by a novel method of applying silver leaf.’
    • ‘Gold and silver leaf are used in the Indian subcontinent.’