Meaning of silver sand in English:

silver sand


mass nounBritish
  • A fine white sand used in gardening.

    ‘Some fine washed silver sand is flung into the joint to act as a flux, to reduce excess oxygen, and then the work is hauled out again in a another shower of white sparks.’
    • ‘Plants were grown in washed silver sand in 1.0 l capacity pots.’
    • ‘Three parts of soil were mixed with one part of silver sand, followed by incorporation of a nutrient mixture and N-labelled ammonium sulfate at 5 ppm.’
    • ‘The remaining 10 plantlets from each position were ‘sown’ (pedicel down) in seed trays containing washed silver sand, and covered with a sheet of glass to prevent excessive water loss.’
    • ‘With 1200 miles of coastline to explore, you'll find wave-battered rocks and the softest silver sand.’