Meaning of silverfish in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɪlvəfɪʃ/

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nounplural noun silverfish, plural noun silverfishes

  • 1A silvery bristletail that lives in houses and other buildings, chiefly nocturnal and feeding on starchy materials.

    Lepisma saccharina, family Lepismatidae

    ‘Ants and insects including silverfish, woolly bears, earwigs and spiders can be tackled with products from hardware shops.’
    • ‘The owner of a ‘filthy’ Hull bakery which was found to have an infestation of ants, silverfish and grain beetle has been fined £6,000 for a catalogue of offences that could have led to serious food poisoning.’
    • ‘Borates are the most effective treatment for many crawling insects including, roaches, silverfish, larder beetles, carpenter ants, and other woodborers, as well as wood decay organisms.’
    • ‘I doubt so, the pages would have been eaten by moths and silverfish long before the work became public domain.’
    • ‘The Clinic has plans to market insecticidal papers which need to be interleafed in books and magazines to keep away silverfish and bookworms.’
  • 2A silver-coloured fish, especially a variety of goldfish.

    ‘But during studies of the foraging behavior of Weddell seals, the researchers acquired considerable data on two important fish species: the Antarctic silverfish and the Antarctic toothfish.’
    • ‘In addition Pleuragramma antarcticum, the Antarctic silverfish, is the primary fish prey for both predators.’
    • ‘The sun had set and looking up through the water we could see the moon's rays filtering in and giving the water an eerie silverfish glow.’