Meaning of simon-pure in English:


Pronunciation /sʌɪmənˈpjʊə/


  • Completely genuine, authentic, or honest.

    ‘they were not so simon-pure as the image they presented to the public’
    • ‘He is presented as a simon-pure free trader whose ‘scrupulousness continued to the end.’’
    • ‘Or are people like that simply not simon-pure enough for him to want them in his antiwar movement?’
    • ‘They've made a lot of noise, told each other how radically simon-pure they are, and accomplished nothing.’
    • ‘He stood for all these things with fairly good grace, willing enough to die for a simon-pure team if the opposition was to be equally simon-pure.’
    • ‘Alfred is a simon-pure Republican, rocked in his cradle to the stirring rhythms of G.O.P. speeches, grown to a man sure to vote the party line.’
    authentic, real, actual, original, bona fide, true, veritable, unfeigned, unadulterated, unalloyed


Late 18th century from (the real) Simon Pure, a character in Centlivre's Bold Stroke for a Wife (1717), who for part of the play is impersonated by another character.