Meaning of Simon Says in English:

Simon Says

Pronunciation /sʌɪmənˈsɛz/


mass noun
  • A children's game in which players must obey the leader's instructions if (and only if) they are prefaced with the words ‘Simon says’.

    ‘Afterward they were instructed to act out a Simon Says ritual in which they were led into ocean waters, still blindfolded.’
    • ‘Charles is a sophomore in high school now, and he is still determined that he will not play Simon Says.’
    • ‘But in his effort to find a way to be true to himself, Charles becomes caught in a tragic game of Simon Says that will ultimately leave one student dead.’
    • ‘Adapt the game of Simon Says for use as part of a unit on the human body.’
    • ‘Recall your childhood with a JavaScript version of Simon Says.’