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mass nounmainly historical
  • The buying or selling of ecclesiastical privileges, for example pardons or benefices.

    ‘He also outlawed simony, the practice of buying and selling church posts.’
    • ‘To manipulate religious conviction into a political commodity is a contemporary form of simony.’
    • ‘Selling something that belonged to God constituted the sin of simony.’
    • ‘Here, it was a question of uniformity of liturgical observance, of conformity to what Turgot called ‘the universal custom of holy church’ rather than of Gregorian reform in the sense of attacks on simony and clerical marriage.’
    • ‘The Council passed reforming decrees in keeping with the Cluniac reform movement, including ones concerning simony and clerical marriage.’



/ˈsɪməni/ /ˈsʌɪməni/


Middle English from Old French simonie, from late Latin simonia, from Simon Magus (Acts 8:18).