Meaning of simples in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɪmp(ə)lz/


informal British
  • Used to convey that something is very straightforward.

    • ‘So if you don't like the store, don't shop there! Simples!’
    • ‘Obey the law and the rules and you won't get a ticket - simples!’
    • ‘I always record the ITV program so that I can fast forward over the ads - simples!’
    • ‘Simples, don't watch trash like this and the stations will stop broadcasting it - it's in your own hands people!’
    • ‘Kids! It's not rocket science! If you get into the water and it's too cold you get out. Simples!’
    • ‘Older people retire and younger people have jobs to step into. Simples.’
    • ‘They need to learn Micawber economics - earn nineteen shillings, spend twenty shillings - result unhappiness. Earn twenty shillings spend nineteen shillings - result happiness. Simples.’
    • ‘Fix up derelict houses and build affordable homes to the extent there is no shortage and prices will stabilise. Simples.’
    • ‘The reason my children have never been overweight?! Healthy homemade food and a lot of activity and exercise! Simples!’
    • ‘If you earn more then you pay more. Simples!’


Early 21st century popularized by its use as the catchphrase of a meerkat character in advertisements for the price comparison website