Meaning of sin bin in English:

sin bin



  • 1(in sport) a box or bench to which offending players can be sent for a period as a penalty during a game, especially in ice hockey.

    • ‘his cross-check earned him two minutes in the sin bin’
    • ‘The referee, under pressure from the home crowd, sent a Keighley player to sin bin for ten minutes for a very dubious high tackle.’
    • ‘The Broncos were a man short for the last 20 minutes after losing two players to the sin bin, but made the Bulls fight to the end.’
    • ‘It would be pointless losing player after player to the sin bin.’
    • ‘Both sides lost a player to the sin bin just before the interval.’
    • ‘Both clubs had a player sent off to the sin bin within a minute of each other.’
    1. 1.1British A place where offenders are sent for detention, punishment, or rehabilitation.
      ‘sin bins for disruptive prisoners’
      • ‘a child removed to a sin bin’
      • ‘He could still be sent to the sin bin with time off for good behavior.’
      • ‘Any pupil who needs to be told a third time will immediately be shown a red card and forced to spend the equivalent of an entire school day in a sin bin - a classroom set aside for the punishment.’
      • ‘Well not really, because he then spent his time in the sin bin for a while, and listen, it's tough as an opposition leader.’
      • ‘How long will we have to wait before he endorses the Tories idea of ‘sin bins’ to detain young offenders?’
      • ‘Problem families would be moved to ‘sin bins’ - secure gated communities patrolled by wardens and CCTV cameras, where they would face curfews and be kept away from the rest of society.’


(also sin-bin)
  • with object Send (a player) to a sin bin as a penalty.

    • ‘he was sin-binned for a professional foul’
    • ‘Three players were sin-binned in a fiercely-fought contest.’
    • ‘However, he still enjoys playing in England and held his hands up when two of his team-mates were sin-binned during last night's game.’
    • ‘Then came Green's try from Mitchell's wayward kick, but the scorer was then sin-binned for holding on in the tackle.’
    • ‘One solution may be to sin-bin players for a specific period of time for this type of offence.’
    • ‘The second half started badly for the Boars with a player being sin-binned for 10 minutes.’
    order off, tell to leave the field, dismiss