Meaning of since in English:


Pronunciation /sɪns/

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  • In the intervening period between (the time mentioned) and the time under consideration, typically the present.

    ‘she hasn't spoken to him since last year’
    • ‘a lot has changed in the industry since then’
    • ‘the worst property slump since the war’
    • ‘It is hard to believe that a year has passed since then and it is a significant milestone in her fight for life.’
    • ‘I booked him for an exhibition immediately and he has been here regularly since then.’
    • ‘My focus since then has been on removing this sort of conditioning from everyone.’
    • ‘Workers say since then managers have been asking them to go home during quieter periods.’
    • ‘That was a few months ago and I've put a lot of work in since then so it should be stronger.’
    • ‘It is the first rise since property prices began spiralling in York in the last two to three years.’
    • ‘All the things that have happened to me since that depressing period of my life!’
    • ‘Things may have picked up for Celtic since then but I see no reason to change my advice.’
    • ‘Too much has happened in the period since.’
    • ‘It was the British who suffered the worst single incident since the end of the war.’
    • ‘Well, maybe not entirely, but life has been in a slump since I tied the knot this summer.’
    • ‘It meant that no party had overall control for the first time since the Second World War.’
    • ‘They are on a mission, a task that they have been training for since they entered the Army.’
    • ‘The property had been empty since last July but a couple of weeks ago his daughter moved in.’
    • ‘It could quite literally be the biggest thing to hit the resort since the war itself.’
    • ‘It has been some time since anyone had to fight their way into a London saleroom.’
    • ‘So I put on makeup for the first time since that fight at lunch that started all this.’
    • ‘I want to get back in the ring because it feels such a long time since the last fight.’
    • ‘It is now one year since Douglas died and for some reason it still feels like there's a hole in the world.’
    • ‘For that reason clarinets have been built since their early days in different keys.’


  • 1From a time in the past until the time under consideration, typically the present.

    ‘I've felt better since I've been here’
    • ‘ ever since the film hit cinemas in 1996, fans have been wondering whether a sequel would finally get the go-ahead’
  • 2For the reason that; because.

    ‘delegates were delighted, since better protection of rhino reserves will help protect other rare species’
    • ‘Many more elsewhere are struggling since visitors found a reason to stay at home.’
    • ‘She was right to ditch the passage since it would have jarred with the spirit of reasoned debate.’
    • ‘I was brought in the same room as Raine, since the doctors had mentioned this was the only room left.’
    • ‘They certainly knew that their task was hard since two previous attempts had failed.’
    since, as, for the reason that, in view of the fact that, owing to the fact that, seeing as, seeing that


  • 1Between then and now.

    ‘she ran away on Friday and we haven't seen her since’
    • ‘the couple divorced in 2012 and he has since remarried’
  • 2Ago.

    • ‘the settlement had vanished long since’
    in the past, before the present, before, earlier, back, in time gone by, since, formerly, previously


Late Middle English contraction of obsolete sithence, or from dialect sin (both from dialect sithen ‘thereupon, afterwards, ever since’).