Meaning of sinfonia in English:



  • 1Music
    A symphony.

    • ‘His vibrant symphonies four, five and six show him at his peak, but this sinfonia is over the hill.’
    1. 1.1(in baroque music) an orchestral piece used as an introduction to an opera, cantata, or suite.
      ‘That Zelenka was sent to study in Italy is reflected in the Italian elements of the introduction, an orchestral sinfonia, which leads into the adagio for solo oboe.’
      • ‘It was not unusual for a Baroque composer - such as his father - to adapt a sinfonia from a cantata into a concerto movement, or to take a secular aria and insert it, with a new text, into a sacred work.’
      • ‘Such composers as Sammartini began to write sinfonias for strings, which marked a departure from Baroque instrumental forms and served as models for J. C. Bach and others.’
      • ‘The sinfonia, a type of overture, does not necessarily represent the subject of the oratorio.’
      • ‘This is a good place to explain the difference between a concerto and a sinfonia, as Scarlatti understood it.’
    2. 1.2A small symphony orchestra.
      as name ‘the City of London Sinfonia’
      • ‘For full details of the sinfonia society concerts contact the office.’
      • ‘It must be tough to top year on year but this time around the sinfonia society's Christmas Charity Concert hit a new high altogether.’
      • ‘At this time of the year there is a buzz in the air, as those who orbit in sinfonia circles ponder on what new heights the standards of musicianship in the concert series will reach.’
      • ‘One of Britain's most versatile baritones graces the Westmorland Hall stage next Saturday in the first concert of the new sinfonia series.’
      • ‘Tickets for the sinfonia series Christmas concert are available.’



/sɪnˈfəʊnɪə/ /ˌsɪnfəˈniːə/