Meaning of sing in the new year in English:

sing in the new year


  • Celebrate the new year with singing.

    ‘Of course, The Mountain Quartet will also offer a concert New Year's eve, and we'll all be singing in the new year by candlelight.’
    • ‘Most of my colleagues stayed up and sang in the new year, but I was sound asleep.’
    • ‘It is said she was determined to respond positively to each request, and in a whirlwind tour, sang in the new year several times in several messes, only returning to her base in the early hours.’
    • ‘As the ball drops, and the huge firework displays explodes in the sky, you will join in the spirit of the night as everyone sings in the new year with the traditional ‘Auld Lang Syne!’’
    • ‘Jim will be singing in the new year in Perth's beautiful new concert hall - a traditional evening's entertainment with no weather worries!’
    • ‘The closing session, singing in the new year at midnight was like watching 23,000 people Praise the Lord and swing from the chandeliers at the same time.’
    • ‘Numerous musicians and bands were performing throughout the area - singing out the old year and singing in the new!’
    • ‘These are the words to Auld Lang Syne sung on Hogmanay when the bells chime and everyone crosses arms to sing in the new year.’
    • ‘As the courthouse clock bells chime in the New Year, and the flame is passed from person to person, we become a community of friends and neighbors, singing in the new year together.’
    • ‘I certainly didn't think I would be standing on a mountain top in the middle of a paddock singing in the new year with 16 Indian boys I'd never meet before.’