Meaning of sing someone to sleep in English:

sing someone to sleep


  • Cause someone to fall asleep by singing gently to them.

    ‘I'd fallen asleep next my son, as I often sing him to sleep.’
    • ‘While in the hospital she visited and spent time with people on the wards, if she heard anyone crying at might she would go to them and sing them to sleep… she had the most wonderful voice.’
    • ‘I sing him to sleep most nights, old habit since he was little and I see no reason to change it.’
    • ‘Ruby played her eldest daughter records by Billie Holiday and Dinah Washington and would teach her the lyrics and sing her to sleep with their songs at night.’
    • ‘She is filled with premarital fears, and her mother takes charge and as she comforts and encourages her daughter, sings her to sleep whilst Alice is cuddling her childhood toy, a rabbit.’
    • ‘And the stupid thing about it all, is that I keep remembering this one good memory of him singing me to sleep!’
    • ‘I could imagine his soothing voice singing me to sleep.’
    • ‘But Terry does remember his grandfather singing him to sleep as a baby-but it's very vague.’
    • ‘I think you would have liked to have a mama sing you to sleep.’
    • ‘Like a whisper of a dream, she could still recall the sound of her mother's voice as she would sing them to sleep.’