Meaning of singing saw in English:

singing saw


another term for musical saw
‘The instrumentation seems plucked randomly from different years in the 20th century: singing saws, Salvation Army horn arrangements, banjo, accordion, pipes.’
  • ‘Despite the broad array of instruments used on More Deep Cuts, which run the gamut from singing saw to French Horn to toy piano, the mood of the record is one of stasis.’
  • ‘Close to two dozen people have played with the Haints, banging on drums, playing the mandolin, fiddle, washtub, accordion, singing saw, banjo, and harmonica.’
  • ‘You know how the theremin, grandfather of the modern synthesizer, sounds kind of like the singing saw - an instrument as old as woodcutting?’
  • ‘It's not impossible for them to start off with a barrelhouse boogie and, by the end, be dragging through a New Orleans funeral dirge with a singing saw leading the charge.’