Meaning of single-cell protein in English:

single-cell protein


mass noun
  • Protein derived from a culture of single-celled organisms, used especially as a food supplement.

    ‘At the other end of the spectrum, ‘microbial crops’ could be good source of single-cell protein.’
    • ‘This obviates having to break cell walls to release cellular proteins, which is one of the problems associated with the use of single-cell proteins for livestock and poultry feeds.’
    • ‘They were quite small, more in line with the production of bioweapons than single-cell proteins, an additive to chicken feed.’
    • ‘The present invention is directed to a two-step extraction process for substantially reducing the purine content of single-cell proteins.’
    • ‘This research evaluates the markets for a full range of animal and plant proteins, including soya, gluten, pulse, milk, egg, fish, meat, gelatine, and single-cell proteins.’