Meaning of single-ended in English:



  • (of an electronic device) designed for use with unbalanced signals and therefore having one input and one output terminal connected to earth.

    ‘If the interfaces are correctly designed, plugging a single-ended device into a differential bus will not damage anything.’
    • ‘New designs for single-ended devices should use the UltraSCSI speed for transferring data.’
    • ‘These terminators will run in LVD mode if everything on the bus is LVD or they will switch to single ended active terminators if there are single-ended devices on the bus.’
    • ‘In order for the configuration to run at Ultra 160 SCSI speeds, there can be no single-ended devices attached to the bus.’
    • ‘Electromyographic signals collected from the electrodes were passed through a single-ended amplifier to an eight-channel FM transmitter.’