Meaning of single-entry in English:



  • Denoting a system of bookkeeping in which each transaction is entered in one account only.

    ‘During this period there was sophisticated budgetary control and single-entry bookkeeping systems.’
    • ‘In terms of accounting, Bell used single-entry bookkeeping which satisfied his needs in terms of accuracy and memory.’
    • ‘The recording method earned the name ‘three legs’ because double-entry was used for recording credit transactions and single-entry for recording cash transactions.’
    • ‘Although the double-entry concept was applied, most Japanese merchants practiced single-entry bookkeeping, called the daifukucho.’
    • ‘The adequacy of single-entry accounting to meet the reporting needs of small businesses in early America confirms the findings reported by others, including Baxter, Densmore, Bruchey and Chatfield.’