Meaning of single-party in English:



  • Relating to or denoting a system of government where only one political party is permitted.

    ‘an authoritarian, single-party state’
    • ‘Instead of democratizing the system, however, they continued to use institutions inherited from the single-party period.’
    • ‘Cape Verde announced the end of a single-party system in September 1990.’
    • ‘An unbridled Executive is characteristic of dictatorships and single-party states; not parliamentary democracies.’
    • ‘It proved very difficult to establish democratic politics from above in place of the centralized single-party rule of the recent past.’
    • ‘Unelected, single-party rule takes no account of the weaknesses of human nature.’
    • ‘Most former European colonies began their independence as nominal democracies, then rapidly moved either to single-party oligarchies, military rule, or both at once.’
    • ‘A peaceful transfer of power after five decades of single-party rule in May 2000 made Taiwan the first democracy in the history of ethnic Chinese societies.’
    • ‘In 1965, Cameroon came under single-party rule.’
    • ‘In every totalitarian government, secret police were an indispensable device for the consolidation of power, neutralization of the opposition, and construction of a single-party state.’
    • ‘He founded both the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) and the Soviet Union, with its single-party political system and democratic centralist hierarchy of power.’
    • ‘The impending end of the Cold War led to widespread, increasingly open debate about the nature of the Yugoslav state and the viability of Communist single-party rule.’
    autocratic, dictatorial, totalitarian, authoritarian, absolute, absolutist, arbitrary, unconstitutional, undemocratic, anti-democratic, uncontrolled, unaccountable, summary