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  • Designed to be used once and then disposed of or destroyed.

    ‘billions of single-use cups are thrown into landfill sites every year’
    • ‘Single-use needles make up a significant percentage of the disposable medical device market.’
    • ‘Regulations stipulate that all needles used in registered, accredited practices must be disposable, single-use needles.’
    • ‘Picture Yourself is a 4-inch tripod with its own timer that straps onto most single-use cameras.’
    • ‘We also reprocess for reuse some of the single-use devices that we manufacture.’
    • ‘Single-use, disposable atomizers are probably the best way to reduce possible cross-contamination.’
    • ‘Although efforts to divert single-use batteries from the waste stream are growing, only a patchwork of regulations currently exists, depending on where you live.’
    • ‘Each year more than 150 billion single-use beverage containers are sold in the US.’
    • ‘Since the late 1970s, glass use has been steadily replaced by plastics in the push toward single-use disposable packaging.’
    • ‘A secondary target is consumers who haven't tried single-use cameras before.’
    • ‘Typically, mountains of wrapping paper, single-use cardboard decorations and forgotten plastic favors litter the host's house after the party.’
    • ‘When feasible, single-use pads of iodine and alcohol should be used, thus eliminating the need for bottles.’
    • ‘Single-use diapers consume less water than reusables laundered at home, but more than those sent to a commercial diaper service.’
    • ‘The single-use container, a post-World War II phenomenon, has, among other things, helped to boost the distance the average food item now travels from field to table to over 1,500 miles.’
    • ‘Though some environmentalists say that single-use drink containers promote a throwaway mentality, the aseptic packaging industry argues that its product is used for more than just children's juices.’
    • ‘Manufacturing a typical "AA" single-use battery takes about 50 times as much energy as it provides, according to the UK's environmental agency.’
    • ‘The new single-use fragrance packets are real lifesavers - and space savers, making it ever so convenient to smell good on the go.’
    • ‘Even if all 18,000,000,000 of the single-use diapers disposed of annually in the US were biodegradable, the public would still spend $300 million each year for their disposal.’
    • ‘Cleaning brushes should either be single-use or should be mechanically cleaned and disinfected after each use.’
    • ‘He also claims that the single use disposable equipment is being re-used, rather than disposed of immediately.’
    • ‘At this time, the manufacturer has the option of designating the product as single use or reusable.’
    disposable, throwaway, one use, single-use, replaceable