Meaning of single transferable vote in English:

single transferable vote


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  • An electoral system of proportional representation in which a person's vote can be transferred to a second or further competing candidate (according to the voter's stated order of preference) if the candidate of first choice is eliminated during a succession of counts or has more votes than are needed for election.

    ‘Representatives are elected through proportional representation with a single transferable vote.’
    • ‘The system for allocating chairs will be based on an electoral system based on the single transferable vote and if all else fails, then lots will be drawn.’
    • ‘Professor Black, who has been clinical vice president of the college for the past three years, took 1803 of the 4193 votes cast by single transferable vote for 11 candidates.’
    • ‘He has never made any secret of the fact that he and his colleagues feel very strongly about the single transferable vote as an electoral option.’
    • ‘The 108-member assembly is elected using the single transferable vote, a system of proportional representation.’