Meaning of singletree in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɪŋɡ(ə)ltriː/


North American
  • A crossbar pivoted in the middle, to which the traces are attached in a horse-drawn wagon or plough; a swingletree.

    ‘I am a sucker for rusty stuff - ramshackle windmills, a rotting singletree hanging on that hook where grandpa put it the last time he unhitched the team, plows, skillets, barbed wire.’
    • ‘I no longer tell someone I'll leave the latch string out for them or describe a wife's ire at a husband as so severe she took out after him with a singletree.’
    • ‘That was true, if having the singletree fall on me while I helped harness Samson and Achilles up to the cargo wagon could be deemed honorable.’