Meaning of Singspiel in English:


Pronunciation /ˈzɪŋʃpiːl/

nounplural noun Singspiele/ˈzɪŋʃpiːlə/ , plural noun Singspiels

  • A form of German light opera, typically with spoken dialogue, popular especially in the late 18th century.

    ‘The German Singspiel, English ballad opera, French opéra comique, and Spanish zarzuela tended to use spoken dialogue rather than recitative between the songs.’
    • ‘A Singspiel is a stage work, frequently a comedy, in which musical numbers alternate with long stretches of spoken dialogue.’
    • ‘The Thirty Years' War inhibited development of the Singspiel and gave additional scope to Italian works from across the Alps.’
    • ‘We laugh, but we also remember that real human issues - hopeless despair, jealousy, revenge, and forgiveness - arise in this Singspiel.’
    • ‘Appropriately they will soon present Mozart's last Singspiel, which is said to provide for that magic on a good day.’


From German singen ‘sing’ + Spiel ‘play’.