Meaning of sinistrality in English:


Pronunciation /sɪnɪsˈtralɪti/


See sinistral

‘There is no trend from dextrality to sinistrality, but rather large clades characterized by one form or the other, sometimes with large-ish subclades of the complementary type.’
  • ‘Further evidence that species-level sinistrality originated in environments where predator-induced selection is weak comes from the biology of living left-handed species.’
  • ‘Such selection is inimical to the evolution of traits like sinistrality that, at least in their early stages of development, are accompanied by mildly deleterious side effects.’
  • ‘Handedness is known to affect patterns of mating in gastropods, making it likely that the establishment of sinistrality in dextral lineages is associated with sexual selection.’
  • ‘What I mean to suggest here is that sinistrality was encoded as a sign of self-portraiture itself.’