Meaning of sinistrally in English:



See sinistral

‘Both species described here are sinistrally coiled, but a similar pattern of ornamentation is present on two Pennsylvanian species that are dextrally coiled.’
  • ‘The outer shell surface of both sinistrally coiled species of Crassimarginata is ornamented by distinct costae, but the dextrally coiled shells of Yukonoconcha seem to be smooth.’
  • ‘The sinistrally transtensional Louisburgh Basin contains PrIdolI fluviatile sediments and, probably, dates the end of transpressional deformation.’
  • ‘He matched two apparently similar granite intrusions on either side of the fault and argued that they had been displaced sinistrally about 100 km.’
  • ‘The sinistrally transpressive nature of the Baltica-Laurentia collision deduced by Soper et al. is confirmed.’