Meaning of sinistrous in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɪnɪstrəs/


  • Giving the impression that something bad will happen; ominous.

    ‘a sinistrous event’
    • ‘Aramis smiled, with the sinistrous gleam of his sinistrous thought.’
    • ‘That people may be influenced by wrong and sinistrous ends and motives in this matter, is beyond all peradventure.’
    • ‘The king continues to disparage and asperse all sober and judicious reflections upon that royal paper, by charging upon them the unjust and reproachful character of sinistrous interpretations.’
    • ‘The chiefs are now informed, that their bark, by a sinistrous accident, has been compelled to quit the shore.’
    • ‘The arrival of a beggar on an island is accounted a sinistrous event.’
    menacing, threatening, ominous, forbidding, baleful, frightening, eerie, alarming, disturbing, disquieting, dark, black, suggestive of evil, evil-looking


Late 16th century from sinister + -ous.