Meaning of sink into in English:

sink into

phrasal verb

  • 1sink into somethingLapse or fall into a particular state or condition.

    • ‘he sank into a coma after suffering a brain haemorrhage’
  • 2sink something intoCause something sharp to penetrate a surface.

    • ‘the dog sank its teeth into her arm’
  • 3sink something intoPut money or energy into something; invest something in.

    ‘many investors sank their life savings into the company’
    • ‘Apparently the Asians have ‘straps’ so it's better to sink your money in an Uzi.’
    • ‘Ultimately he argues investors will sink their money into the US economy.’
    • ‘The pensioners will be lured to sink their savings into investments.’
    • ‘Bad news is in prospect for the many Australians who've sunk their investment money into property.’
    • ‘News Corp has sunk an estimated $700 million cash into both ventures.’
    • ‘I could have retired early if I sunk that money into savings.’
    • ‘Between them, the partners have sunk £100,000 into the business.’
    invest, put, venture, risk, plough