Meaning of sinking lid in English:

sinking lid


New Zealand
  • A policy of lowering staff numbers by not replacing workers who resign or retire, typically in public services.

    ‘it is an environment of frozen budgets and sinking lids’
    • ‘The previous Auckland City Council had a sinking lid but allowed relocations.’
    • ‘One analyst told the forum that a majority of the local boards supported sinking lids in their areas.’
    • ‘There's a powerful narrative about National running down public services last time they were in government, using the "razor gang" and the "sinking lid" to cut services like health.’
    • ‘If the goal is to increase economic freedom, then reapplying the "sinking lid" isn't the way to do it.’
    • ‘We are retaining a sinking lid but being a little bit more flexible about the components.’
    • ‘This would undermine the council's region-wide "sinking lid" policy.’
    • ‘Concerns have been raised with ministers about the effect of the sinking lid on funding.’
    • ‘The so-called 'cap' on core public servants announced in 2008 quickly became a sinking lid.’
    • ‘She pointed to the public service sinking lid, saying "there's only so much blood out of a stone".’
    • ‘It seems that to fill the gap in overall staff numbers created by the sinking lid, government departments are having to use more and more contractors.’