Meaning of sinus venosus in English:

sinus venosus

Pronunciation /viːˈnəʊsəs/

nounplural noun sinus venosi

  • The first chamber of the heart in fish, amphibians, and reptiles, emptying into the right atrium.

    ‘Communication between the sinus venosus and the primitive atrium, the sinoatrial oriface, is centrally located.’
    • ‘All the blood from the cardinal veins now drains into the right horn of the sinus venosus.’
    • ‘Sino-septal defects refer to those that involve the area of the atrial septum derived from the sinus venosus.’
    • ‘The two entities always go together and it is the de-roofing of the sinus venosus by the anomalous drainage of the right superior pulmonary vein that leads to the sinus venosus ASD.’
    • ‘Diagnostic images of the sinus venosus atrial septal defect usually are not obtainable in most adults.’


Early 19th century modern Latin, literally ‘venous cavity’.