Meaning of sinusoid in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsʌɪnəsɔɪd/


  • 1

    another term for sine curve

    ‘The Fourier transform decomposes or separates a waveform or function into sinusoids of different frequency which sum to the original waveform.’
    • ‘Most transient signals, which are exponentially damped sinusoids, cannot be wavelet basis functions because of their nonzero mean.’
    • ‘A digital tone generator produced a pure tone sinusoid, and the intensity envelope was visually adjusted to fit the envelope of a representative call of the population.’
    • ‘The signal of measured dynamics can be reconstructed by a variety of fitting procedures, sum of exponents, polynomes, damped sinusoid function, etc.’
    • ‘There are quite a few ways to approximate sinusoids.’
    • ‘I've liked sinusoids for a long time.’
  • 2Anatomy
    A small irregularly shaped blood vessel found in certain organs, especially the liver.

    ‘One patient had sickle cell anemia and showed sickled red blood cells in the dilated sinusoids.’
    • ‘In the liver, larvae move freely in the sinusoids.’
    • ‘Occasionally, the spindle cells invaded the sinusoids, replacing the normal endothelium.’
    • ‘Foam cells were not seen in the hepatic veins or in the sinusoids.’
    • ‘It is possible that the stellate cells were involved in retaining the malignant cells within the sinusoids.’


Early 19th century from French sinusoïde, from Latin sinus (see sinus).