Meaning of sipper in English:



See sip

‘Humans can be divided into many defining sets: cat people or dog people, beer drinkers or cocktail sippers, those who wear gold or those who wear silver.’
  • ‘Schultz has given the green light for 45 stores to install CD burners, allowing the espresso sippers to sample online music and then make their own albums.’
  • ‘This creamy, sweet whisky liqueur is more of a sipper with coffee than a glugger over ice.’
  • ‘Though long the home of wine sippers, microbrews and tourists sipping Irish Coffees at the Buena Vista, San Francisco has developed a bit of an exotic sweet tooth.’
  • ‘After years of its shoot-it-and-shiver reputation here, American consumers finally helped establish fine tequila as a first-class sipper worldwide.’