Meaning of siren song in English:

siren song


(also siren call)
  • Used in reference to the appeal of something that is alluring but also potentially harmful or dangerous.

    ‘a mountaineer who hears the siren song of K2’
    • ‘Two minutes before curtain up, the performer hears the siren call of a proper job in a bank.’
    • ‘I have no idea what drove him to begin playing music, what siren song it used to make him devote his life to it.’
    • ‘Women are not listening to the siren call of leisure.’
    • ‘I didn't need lunch everyday, nor the perpetual siren call of fully-stocked free-for-me bars.’
    • ‘Even if it's related to the boredom often felt in offices or a basic human need to feel wanted, the siren call of the inbox is hard to resist.’
    • ‘It was the first time I heard the siren song of ‘cheaper, cheaper, cheaper,’ and I had yet to learn that cheaper is not better.’
    • ‘He heard the siren song of Hollywood, and swam to its shores, blissfully unaware of the jagged critical rocks beneath him.’
    • ‘Ever wish that you could actually focus your intellect on something worthwhile, but get pulled inevitably, irresistibly, by the siren call of idleness, and waste yet another day?’
    • ‘It is easy to Succumb to the siren song of your sofa, or perhaps to the comforting coolness of several pints of ice cream.’
    • ‘Like many busy professionals, I have succumbed to the siren call of productivity.’
    temptation, enticement, attraction, pull, draw, appeal


    With reference to the sirens of Greek mythology, whose beautiful singing lured unwary sailors on to rocks.