Meaning of siren suit in English:

siren suit


  • A one-piece garment for the whole body which is easily put on or taken off, originally designed for use in air-raid shelters.

    ‘Churchill broadcasted to the nation in his famous ‘siren suit’.’
    • ‘Until the mid-1960s the siren suits were sewn in blue or red cotton or poplin with flannel lining.’
    • ‘It became routine for Mum to get us into our siren suits and tuck us up into the bunk in the shelter each night.’
    • ‘They had only the clothes they stood up in, which were green siren suits.’
    • ‘Our siren suits were made of army surplus blankets and occasionally there was parachute silk to make underwear.’
    • ‘We would get up in the middle of the night, I would be dressed in my specially made purple siren suit and we then went down into the shelter.’
    • ‘We were snug in our siren suits and were quietly playing, with one ear on the bangs, bumps and thuds that seemed to grow nearer.’
    • ‘See inside the many and varied views of the great war leader who became renowned for his fondness for cigars, siren suits, hats and victory salutes.’
    • ‘The war had a dramatic effect on women's fashion. Women started to compromise by wearing overalls, dungarees, trousers, siren suits and making their own clothes.’
    • ‘The girl dressed in what pre-war we would have called a boiler suit and would later be described as a siren suit.’
    • ‘Winston Churchill started the fashion for siren suits.’
    • ‘During the war military styling influenced the women's fashion; they wore anything from trousers to one-piece siren suits.’
    • ‘I never gave it much thought, but if I had to describe a grandfather he would have been a loving and much-loved man, dressed in a siren suit.’