Meaning of sirrah in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɪrə/


  • Used as a term of address for a man or boy, especially one younger or of lower status than the speaker.

    ‘you are foolish as well as insolent, sirrah’
    • ‘She drew herself up, pulled at the lapels of her tattered jacket as though it were an evening coat, flicked at an invisible cape, harrumphed a few times, and pronounced: ‘After you, sirrah.’’
    • ‘I'm a proud village idiot seven years running, sirrah!’
    • ‘‘Just standard procedure, sirrah,’ the guard said, shrugging.’
    • ‘Pardon my cheek, sirrah, but I am the master craftsman of this room, and I'll have no advice from the novice.’


Early 16th century probably from sire, when still two syllables in Middle English, with the second syllable assimilated to ah.