Meaning of Sister of Mercy in English:

Sister of Mercy


  • A member of an order of women founded for educational or charitable purposes, especially that founded in Dublin in 1827.

    ‘Former members of the Sisters of Mercy in the town will join with those still living and working in Athy to attend the Mass.’
    • ‘The women were from the Convent of the Sisters of Mercy.’
    • ‘A proposal from the Sisters of Mercy that the town council would take the Moat into its ownership has been rejected for the time being.’
    • ‘At 10 I was sent to boarding school at Donaghmore Convent in Dungannon, which was run by the Sisters of Mercy.’
    • ‘A nun came and spoke to us about how she joined the Sisters of Mercy.’
    • ‘The Sisters of Mercy had a strong programme of education as well as social and medical programmes which cared for the sick, old people and orphans, both in their homes and in hospitals.’
    • ‘We increasingly need a selfless kind of caregiving that we are increasingly less able to give. We live in a world in which the Sisters of Mercy have just about disappeared.’
    • ‘She was 15 years old, when the Sisters of Mercy opened their first intermediate school in Nenagh.’
    • ‘Schooled at a formative age by the Sisters of Mercy, she went on to confront secular humanism in all its hideous seductiveness at Wesleyan University in Connecticut.’
    • ‘The woman then confesses that sometimes she dreams about a life of loving service to others. She thinks perhaps she will become a Sister of Mercy, live in holy poverty, and serve the poor in the humblest way.’
    • ‘In a recent conversation with my aunt, a Sister of Mercy for the last fifty-plus years, we talked about the fact that my dad, her brother-in-law, had recently come out as gay.’
    • ‘In his speech of welcome to pupils, parents and teachers, the principal, Mr. Michael Lane, praised the contribution of the Sisters of Mercy to education in Waterford.’
    • ‘The branch members wish to thank sincerely the Sisters of Mercy for their kindness and generosity over the years and to wish them many years of happiness in their new home.’
    • ‘The building was the girls' convent school which also catered for boys up to and including First Communion class and was run by the Sisters of Mercy.’
    • ‘On his return, he worked as a bar-tender and then came to Dungarvan where he took up employment with the Sisters of Mercy who were extremely kind to him and he in return appreciated the environment in which he lived.’