Meaning of sit at someone's feet in English:

sit at someone's feet


  • Be someone's pupil or follower.

    ‘he returned to Venice to sit at the feet of Monteverdi’
    • ‘Do your students sit at your feet and follow your every word? Is that an ideal relationship?’
    • ‘Anyone would think we weren't here sitting at his feet.’
    • ‘We never sit at their feet and learn from their experiences.’
    • ‘He is a brilliant communicator, and I'd sit at his feet for many an hour; his enthusiasm is infectious and his knowledge is phenomenal!’
    • ‘I was ordered to sit at his feet while he lectured me about Zimbabwe.’
    • ‘What interesting people have passed them by, or sat at their feet?’
    • ‘Their gift was to leave indelible memories of the beauty of English poetry on all who sat at their feet.’
    • ‘Earlier, his audience had sat at his feet, a collection of white - shirted youths all too young to have ever seen him play.’
    • ‘I wanted exceedingly to see him, and felt like sitting at his feet, almost as I would at the feet of an apostle, from what I had heard of his success in promoting revivals.’
    • ‘I tell the youth that they must respect the elders and try to learn from them by sitting at their feet.’