Meaning of sit on in English:

sit on

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phrasal verb

  • 1sit on something informal Fail to deal with something.

    • ‘she sat on the article until a deadline galvanized her into putting words to paper’
    • ‘There is now enormous choice in the current account market, so there is no excuse to sit on an account which is not offering the best deal.’
    • ‘The company is regarded as more financially capable than its rival of doing such a deal, but appears happy to sit on its holding.’
    • ‘I've been sitting on this story for a week or so, trying to figure out what to do with it.’
    • ‘Lucas has been sitting on this basic story idea for well on thirty years now, so how far wrong could he go?’
    • ‘I finally decided to stop sitting on things and threw out my war-torn couch today.’
  • 2sit on something informal Suppress something.

    • ‘I want this story sat on’
    • ‘The press has been restrained in sitting on a story about her family.’
    • ‘But I find it impossible to sit on a good story, especially if there is money to be made.’
    • ‘No longer is it easy for a news organization to sit on a big story and publish it at a set time, when all the dust has settled.’
    • ‘This is by no means the only new idea that the company is sitting on, with numerous internet projects up its sleeve.’
    • ‘Instead, he intends to sit on his campaign for a month to give it maximum chance of success.’
    • ‘Only this time, he knew he was sitting on a deal he could not mention.’
    withhold, hide, conceal, keep back, keep secret, keep hidden, keep silent about, keep quiet about, hush up, refuse to disclose, suppress
    1. 2.1sit on someoneSubdue someone, typically by saying something intended to make them uneasy or embarrassed.
      ‘someone should have sat on him when he was young’
      • ‘He bears the imprint of whoever sits on him and the Vice-President really sat on him.’
      • ‘My middle son lives with his dad and is 20, but he doesn't give me the time of day, but my youngest is 5 (going on 20) and I have really sat on him hard.’