Meaning of sit on one's stomach in English:

sit on one's stomach

(also sit on the stomach)


  • (of food) take a long time to be digested.

    ‘last night's curry was still sitting heavy on my stomach’
    ‘the meat tasted good but it just sat on my stomach for hours’
    • ‘Salmon baked in tarragon and cray fish tails with basil in filo pastry do not sit on the stomach in the same way as most festive fare.’
    • ‘The first two helpings didn't taste like much except vanilla, though silkier, but the ice cream sat heavy on the stomach because of the syrup's sweetness.’
    • ‘My the dogs gobble them up too quickly and they didn't sit on the stomach well.’
    • ‘Greasy dumplings can sit heavy on the stomach at 10: 30 am.’
    • ‘While it looked like it might sit heavy on the stomach, I was pleasantly surprised how tasty and light it really was.’
    • ‘It smells of chemicals, doesn't taste that great, and seems to sit on the stomach.’
    • ‘A little goes a long way and sits heavy on the stomach.’
    • ‘It tends to sit heavy on the stomach.’