Meaning of sit on someone's tail in English:

sit on someone's tail


  • Drive extremely close behind another vehicle, typically while waiting for a chance to overtake.

    ‘However, once he passed the furlong marker he started to send out distress signals and the next rider, sitting on his tail, set about taking advantage.’
    • ‘We didn't want the filly opening up and going away so the plan was always to sit on her tail and take it to her at the two-furlong pole.’
    • ‘However, as the race developed, Faulkner came back into contention and was sitting on Westbrook 's tail with two laps left to run.’
    • ‘Williams quickly moved into second and sat on White 's tail to weigh up his options for a lap or two.’
    • ‘He finally reached us and sat on our tail for miles even as we switched lanes.’
    • ‘I sat on his tail on the run-up to the pit straight and half way down.’