Meaning of sit on the fence in English:

sit on the fence


  • Avoid making a decision or choice.

    ‘But he's going to make change and he's going to bring a lot of confidence to a lot of people who are sitting on the fence with the same decision.’
    • ‘You should make a decision; you cannot sit on the fence.’
    • ‘If that brings to mind a lot of dithering and sitting on the fence, you couldn't be more wrong.’
    • ‘As someone who has deferred the choice thus far (rather than actively making a decision), I know I could be accused of sitting on the fence.’
    • ‘They want someone to make all their choices for them, so they just sit on the fence and wait to be told what to do.’
    • ‘Sometimes a decision is required and there's no option to sit on the fence.’
    • ‘It was still going to be my decision and my decision was going to be that we would not sit on the fence.’
    • ‘We shall be sitting on the fence until it becomes law.’
    • ‘Everyone is sitting on the fence on this and we're the first group to come out.’
    • ‘‘Ron has never been one for sitting on the fence when it comes to an opinion,’ Townsend says.’
    undecided, uncommitted, uncertain, unsure, vacillating, wavering, dithering, hesitant, tentative, doubtful, irresolute, ambivalent, torn, in two minds, in a dilemma, on the horns of a dilemma, in a quandary