Meaning of sit through in English:

sit through

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phrasal verb

  • sit through somethingStay until the end of a tedious or lengthy meeting or performance.

    ‘the movie is the worst film I have sat through this year’
    • ‘So, it was a case of fitting in last minute tweaks on that between editing a mammoth group test and sitting through a planning meeting in the afternoon.’
    • ‘She sits through most Council meetings like a rabbit caught in the headlights whilst her deputy tries out his stand-up comic routine.’
    • ‘People who got on were those who could sit through endless meetings without falling asleep.’
    • ‘Once, having sat through a tedious film, I was asked by a Californian market researcher for my response.’
    • ‘Her ex-husband's deceit had been so successful she did not know the full story until she sat through his trial.’
    • ‘We sat through enough meetings to know they were getting a raw deal and they hadn't the money or the clout to fight back.’
    • ‘I was, however, apprehensive at the prospect of sitting through an even lengthier version.’
    • ‘The only thing worse than sitting through a tedious film is having to analyze and describe the tedium.’
    • ‘I have sat through several council meetings where cabinet members cannot answer a question about the area they have responsibility for.’
    • ‘I must admit I had a hard time sitting through this movie.’