Meaning of sitcom in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɪtkɒm/

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  • A situation comedy.

    • ‘Certainly when Carla started out writing in the Sixties, there were very few women writing comedy or sitcoms led by women.’
    • ‘During the daytime there's the usual mix of American soaps, chat shows, dated sitcoms with the occasional old film thrown in.’
    • ‘Radio Scotland's comedy writing initiative has produced pilots of three brand new sitcoms.’
    • ‘This was a so-so sitcom with ambitious but unconvincing dance numbers and wrestling action.’
    • ‘Thus, American television has moved away from expensive sitcoms and on to cheap thrills.’
    • ‘It's always struck me that most successful sitcoms say great things about America.’
    • ‘Will the sounds of those delightful Sichuan sitcoms be silenced forever?’
    • ‘She has a diploma in dramatic writing and has also written a sitcom.’
    • ‘Paul has taken to his first sitcom like bingo's two little ducks to water.’
    • ‘Not to mince words, this was an appalling sitcom, and how it lasted for four series beggars belief.’
    • ‘This was a laboured sitcom peopled by stereotypical characters in unlikely plots.’
    • ‘The series had a robust energy but was just too sour and downbeat to really work as a sitcom.’
    • ‘He has directed and written since 1979 and is about to appear in a new sitcom for BBC Scotland.’
    • ‘She is currently editing an anthology of critical essays about television sitcoms.’
    • ‘There are just too many comedies, sitcoms, realty TV shows and then some that all seem to blur into one big mess.’
    • ‘With the declining health of sitcoms, television has had to look in new directions to reel in viewers.’
    • ‘It was a sitcom, a workplace ensemble comedy set in a police station.’
    • ‘The producers experimented with a US sitcom style and the first two series of the new show were shot on film.’
    • ‘Worryingly, children are viewing a lot of what is not meant for them, especially the sitcoms and soaps.’
    • ‘Predictability is still the reason sitcoms draw big audiences and big advertising dollars.’
    light entertainment


1960s abbreviation.